Dumaguete Restaurants Reviews

Dumaguete Review is an unbiased blog reviewing restaurants and eateries in Dumaguete City, Phlippines.

I say “unbiased” because unlike the moderator on a certain other Dumaguete forum – I won’t be taking or giving favors to local restauranteurs in exchange for favorable reviews.

So people commenting here don’t have to worry about being banned or having their posts deleted just because they post a less than favorable review of their experience while dining out in Dumaguete.

1. Casa Blanca on Rizal Blvd.

Though I keep waiting to see if the owner can get service up to the quality I find at other Dumaguete restaurants, it just isn’t happening.

Recently I sat down to try their advertised American style menu of burgers etc… So I sit down, ask the girl giving me the menu if they still have the North Carolina burger-and she races off without saying anything!

I ask the guard where she went, and eventually a waitress shows up. I say I want the NC burger, and she turns and starts to go back inside without giving me a chance to add anything to my order!

I had to reach out and get her attention just to finish my order…

The burger was fairly good though, so I went back a few days later and sat at the first inside table. Someone gives me a menu, then busys herself cleaning window on the front door etc, eventually disappearing from site.

Meanwhile, a girl on the porch in a yellow Polo shirt is talking to a couple of foreigners she seemed to know-not taking their orders as far as I could see, just having a good time laughing and joking. Hahaha

I wasn’t going to sit there inside unattended for long. I got up and left letting the girl outside know I was going somewhere else to eat.

Casa Blanca service always seems to be unreliable.

The owner will probably tell you its because the workers are Filipino, but there many businesses in Dumaguete and the Philippines that successfully manage and train their employees.

No excuses!

2. Sans Rival Bistro

The new bistro on Rizal Avenue has great decor, and a varied but not necessarily imaginative menu. The waitstaff seem to get overwhelmed during peak hours, and you can sit for some time waiting to order anything additional after you’ve placed your first order.

They’ve recently hired a new floor manager, but when I’m not sure he’s into top notch service. He seemed to be uncomfortable when I complained about an item that was served a bit sloppy, and a bit lacking in quantity. As if I was being “too choosy” as they say here..

And he himself is very busy during lunch hour’s peak. On the other hand, if you get there by 11:30am or earlier, you’ll just about have the place to yourself and usually won’t have to strain to get service

For my money, great service is imperative when paying any restaurant for something you can in many cases cook yourself at home.